Gwent Public Beta Stage Set To Begin May 24th

Gwent Beta Update – Public Phase Will Start May 24th

CD Projekt Red has updated the official Gwent blog to reflect on the status of the game’s testing. The latest news on the matter is that Gwent is going to enter its Public Beta phase on PC, Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4 on May 24th.

Benjamin Lee, development director at CD Projekt Red, stated:

Public Beta is the next step in the game’s development process, one that we’d be honored to continue alongside everyone who’s been with us thus far. It’s also a chance for many new gamers to play GWENT for the first time and we’re looking forward to making the game even better with their help.

Public Beta will be a fresh start for everyone. All players progression will be wiped prior to the date to ensure that all players begin on “equal footing”. Everyone who took part in CBT will receive rewards for their activity.

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