Gwent Second Season of Journey Kicks Off

CD Projekt Red has announced that the second Season of Journey has kicked off in Gwent. During each Season of Journey, players are challenged to level up and earn rewards across a hundred levels of fast-paced action. Players can level through the game‘s Standard, Seasonal, and Arena mode matches. Each earned level unlocks rewards including unique ornaments and special points. The latter can be used to purchase items from the Reward Book.

The new Season of Journey has already started and will run for three months. In addition to the gameplay challenges and rewards, players will also learn more about Ciri. A new chapter in her lore will be published every week complete with quests to complete to unlock even more.

Season of Journey Premium Pass owners will unlock a customizable Ciri legendary leader skin as well as gain access to even more rewards than the standard path that is available to all players. These include card kegs, titles, borders, animated cards, and avatars, and more. There is also a special bundle available that includes the Premium Pass and an instant progression boost.

Check out the Season of Journey trailer before heading to the Gwent official site to learn more.

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