H1Z1 Dev Forgets He’s “Cheating” During Live Stream


H1Z1 developer Joshua Kriegshauser, Technical Director for the game at Daybreak Games Studio, was participating in a live stream recently. Not very notable altogether except for the fact that Kriegshauser was using an invisibility dev tool cheat and even managed to score a kill with it.

Before you sharpen your pitchforks, this isn’t a huge surprise and according to most, Kriegshauser is an honest player who has a good-sized Twitch following. It’s possible he was working behind the scenes and then decided to take part in a match, simply neglecting to turn off his developer tools.

Here’s what Game Rant had to say about the incident:

At first, Kriegshauser is making a typical H1Z1 attack, jumping out of a cop car and shooting any and all combatants in his way. But after securing his first kill and hearing some players call out “Cheater,” Kriegshauser soon realizes that he still has his invisibility tool active. He then quickly opens up the command console, removes the invisibility, and makes sure that everyone can see him.

Again, this is nothing more than an honest mistake and a funny series of events for the Technical Director. But it does highlight how a developer could abuse their tools to get easy wins in a game like this, as unlikely as that might be.

Wouldn’t it be a blast to see a cheat like this used against cheaters? It’s no secret that these battle royale games are plagued by bots and other folks who find any possible way to cheat…for inexplicable reasons.


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