H1Z1 King of the Kill – Improvements to Hit Registration and More


H1Z1 King of the Kill site got a new Producer’s letter addressing the latest update to the Test Server. The team also thanked the players for their unwavering support of the game.

The amount of support for the game is really amazing. It was gratifying to see H1Z1 make the all-time top 10 list for peak number of players on Steam last weekend and we owe that to you, our dedicated players.

H1Z1 King of the Kill – Improvements to Hit Registration and More

Daybreak Game developers are very excited about the update and the improvements to gameplay it brings. The team also asked players for feedback to determine the timing and contents of the update to go to Live Servers.

  • Hit Registration.  The update comes with improved hit registration code. It required a large server revamp for performance as well as improvement of the code itself.
  • Shotgun. The team addressed the inconsistency of the shotgun: why sometimes it takes two hits versus one in a similar situation to kill?
  • Skirmishes will be returning to the game.
  • The developers also continue working on the arena according to the player feedback.
  • Players can look forward to easier to understand and access UI
  • New skins for ATV, the Off-Roader and the Pick-up Truck

You can find the full text of the producer’s letter on the official site.

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