Halo Infinite Arrives for PC and Xbox

Fans of the long-running Halo series will be thrilled to hear that Microsoft and 343 Industries have officially launched Halo Infinite for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Xbox Game Pass. The latest game in the series brings a robust campaign along with intense multiplayer action. According to the dev team, whether players are long-standing fans or brand new to the franchise, this is the perfect game for everyone.

New players will be especially happy to hear that they can catch up on all the series’ lore by listening to a special audio series called “Halo Infinite: Memory Agent”. The 6-part series is exclusively available via Spotify and provides listeners with “the story of a lone secret agent from the Office of Naval Intelligence sent on a mission to relay critical intel to the Master Chief”.

The Halo Infinite campaign experience combines a linear mission structure that will be familiar to longtime fans with brand-new exploration of the expansive surface of Zeta Halo. ​Set on the sprawling ringworld, the game sees the Master Chief journey across foreboding warships, vast Forerunner interiors, and more, collectively creating the largest-scale campaign in franchise history.

Check out the Halo Infinite official site to learn more.

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