Halo Infinite Team Shows Off Campaign Gameplay

During yesterday’s Xbox Games Showcase, 343 Industries showed off the first-ever campaign gameplay demo from Halo Infinite, the next entry in the long-running series. The Xbox Series X demo plunks viewers into the game several hours into the campaign. Master Chief and Pilot have been shot out of the sky and they have landed on the ring. Master Chief is working to disable anti-aircraft guns to allow them to continue the mission.

The demo not only shows off the “power and performance of the Xbox Series X” but also allows viewers to see a few of the wide array of weapons and equipment that Master Chief will find along the way. These include the MA 40 assault rifle, the VK78 Commando, and the Ravager plasma weapon. In addition, Master Chief will have access to the new Grappleshot that allows him to pull objects to him and move in new ways across the map.

Other features showcased in the demo include:

  • the Banished enemy faction including Brutes led by War Chief Escharum
  • a larger environment than ever before
  • 60fps and 4K resolution
  • “Step Inside” challenges players to become the hero by stepping into Master Chief’s armor

Look for the game on Xbox Series X and Windows 10 PC when it arrives. We’ll keep you posted about a release date when we know more.

Check out the full announcement and demo introduction by visiting the Halo Infinite official site.

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