Hammerting – Farming & Fishing Update Is OUT NOW!

Developer Warpzone Studios and publisher Team17 Digital have announced that Hammerting, a simulator of a Dwarven mining colony currently in Steam Early Access, just received a new update. Titled Farming and Fishing, it adds a variety of new content to the game including but not limited to farming and fishing.

With a conflict raging on the surface, the Dwarves pledge to delve deep and as master craftspeople, will produce and supply what is needed to support their allies. From humble beginnings, you start with a handful of Dwarves who need to set up their operations quickly. However, as you progress, your small clan will expand and become known throughout the Overworld for their skill and premium craftsmanship.

Hammerting – Farming & Fishing Update gameplay features include:


  • The old ‘Place tile’ has been replaced with a submenu called Landscaping.
  • Dwarves can now build bricks in both front and back layers.
  • A new material called Fertile Soil has been added.


  • In the ‘Landscaping’ menu, Gloom Wheat, Toncap Mushrooms, and Algae Grass can now be selected and sown.
  • They must be sown on Fertile Soil tiles.
  • Once the plant is fully grown, dwarves will automatically go to harvest it.
  • Once harvested, the plant will be re-planted in the same spot again.
  • Dwarves can mine away the Fertile Soil-tile to remove the crop.
  • Toncap mushrooms and Wheat can no longer be crafted in the farm. Old saves might still show them, though.
  • Many wild mushroom spawns in the cave has oddly gone missing, probably due to some disease. Only Toncap Mushrooms remain. And wild algae have been springing up as well.
  • The mission to craft mushrooms now need them to be harvested instead.


  • A Fishing Pier can now be constructed. Place it near fluids for optimal fishing luck!
  • Different fluids and biomes have different species of fish.
  • The amount of fish near a Fishing Pier is based on a regional biome meter.
  • Added new knowledge: Cave Fishing.

Dwelling Upgrades!

  • It’s now possible to make dwarves dwelling much more cozy by upgrading them.
  • Who wouldn’t want their very own bear rug at home?

Check out the Steam announcement for the full list of dwarven goodness that was added to the game.

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