Hand of Fate 2 Will Lanch for PS4, Xbox One & PC on November 7

Defiant Development has shared the information of the follow-up to the acclaimed action RPG, Hand of Fate 2. It will release on November 7th for PC, PS4 as well as Xbox One simultaneously. At launch, the game will cost $30. Alongside the release date, the developers have also unveiled the fourth companion and final companion, Ariadne of Stiegal.

Companions, a new addition to the Hand of Fate franchise, offer support in battle, exclusive perks in the meta board game, dialogue options, and have their own storylines. In combat, Ariadne acts as a melee tank character with armor break abilities, while in the board game she can duplicate cards in games of chance to improve the player’s odds dramatically.

Some features of Hand of Fate 2:

The players are supposed to deal with cards, pulled out by the main antagonist, the Dealer, who was defeated in the original Hand of Fate and returned with vengeance. Each one will test players with combat, tense minigames and more.

The game comes with a variety of new features compared to its predecessor. It includes weapon types and associated fighting styles, cards that can provide powerful buffs, a variety of victory conditions as well as new bosses, enemy types and storylines.

Morgan Jaffit, Director at Defiant Development, stated:

We’re excited to finally lock in a release date for Hand of Fate 2. The team has been keeping our heads down working on the game, and now that we’re nearly done, I can safely say this marks a new chapter in the level of quality we can achieve. I’m incredibly proud of this group and can’t wait to show their work to the world.

Check out the game’s Steam page to find more information.

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