Happy Third Birthday Discord!

This week Discord is celebrating its third birthday with word that its user base has nearly tripled in the space of a year, jumping from 45 million in May 2017 to 135 million today. Impressively about 19 million people use it every day, and as many as 8.2 million people have used it at the same time.

Using Discord since alpha testing 2015, watching every update roll out ever since – this companies fresh, transparently live approach has changed communication as we know it not only as a service or technology but as a culture. Especially in gaming. So what do you think has contributed to Discord’s ever evolving success?

Along with many updates that help keep players in touch with each other while they navigate multiple games. Content creators (especially but not exclusively Twitch) have been a major elevation for Discord who understood and cultivated this from early stages developing partnerships that then extended to game developers. Discord has applied essential updates over the last 3 years that is helping make this transition much more healthier for all users to a point where their are now Verified Servers. Servers that can be specifically run by developers that are equipped with extra features to support all parties. On even bigger scales are specific games that cater to e-sports like Overwatch, Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Their success and Discords success have catapulted each other beyond everyone’s expectations 3 years ago as players everywhere enjoy chatting between matches sharing links, pet pics, emotes and music. Quick social interactions just keep being the way gamers prefer to co-exist with each other – so much so even Twitch have taken up a similar format adding Rooms to Twitch channels so streamers can have viewers hang out in sub-chats.

Yesterday celebrations were abound at the office and for the passed week Wumpus has been romping their way around the globe via social media and conventions in the form of a plush. Discord also issued a massive update yesterday with a tribute to Fortnite and its 180,000 users. The biggest server currently.

Large Discord servers can now grow much larger. This one’s for you, Fortnite.

Enjoy the info-graph posted on the official site and thank you Mallory for the celebration pictures wishing @everyone @Discord many more happy days, successes and infinite Wumpus plush’s. I think I’m a fan of the Tanned and Ready to Play Wumpus. So unbelievably adorable!

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