Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Serves Up Scares

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, the beefy horror from publisher TinyBuild, is out now and serving up some scares across PC and console.

Setting up shop over the weekend, Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is a scary new sim that takes the simple joy of cooking up a storm and adds lashings of terror. PC and console owners across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility can now wade through the darkened streets of New Elysium City to the local burger bar to spend a shift behind the grill. While there doesn’t seem to be many memories of previous times worked behind the counter, the skills you’ve honed at flipping patties are still present, allowing the game’s protagonist to take on the role of shift manager during the wee small hours.

In any other cooking sim, players might be calmly chopping up the onion king of lighting grilling some avocado. Happy’s Humble Burger Farm however is full of supernatural miscreants, odd things in the works, and supernatural beings trying to muck up the toilets. It’s up to you to keep things running smoothly in this wayward burger joint while avoiding the wrath of a decidedly sinister corporate mascot. If things go well enough, then survival will mean an opportunity to subvert the megacorp behind Happy’s and piece together your memories.

This disturbing pastiche incorporates a twisted view of middle America during the 1990s, with stylized graphics reminiscent of the 32-Bit era. It might sounds a little unusual but this fits nicely into the catalogue from publisher TinyBuild, the same house that brought us games about burning spiders and mixing potions for a living. The immersive psychological experience features hours of talk radio, more than 60 TV programs, and an enhanced chilling soundtrack with nine exclusive albums. If you’re ready to support the small fry with a side of horrific adventure then check out the trailer for Happy’s Humble Burger Farm above and prepare for something very different. Find out more over on the official website now.

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