Hard West 2 Moseys Out for PC

Hard West 2 Release

Good Shepherd Entertainment and Ice Code Games have announced that Hard West 2 is now available for PC via Steam and GoG.com. To celebrate the release of the tactical RPG, developers sent out an all-new trailer.

Players strap on the 6-gun of Gin Carter, a notorious outlaw with a reputation “as dangerous as the frontier itself”.  As Gin hunts for a big score, he assembles a posse of outlaws, each of whom has strengths and weaknesses. Some use guns. Some use supernatural skills. The goal is the elusive Ghost Train with a bevy of Federal gold on board.

Features include:

  • an unforgiving land filled with as many demons as there are bullets
  • explore the Wild West to save your soul and learn about posse members
  • brutal choices with gruesome consequences
  • rack up kills for the ultimate “Bravado State”
  • chain together skills for stylish enemy deaths
  • use playing cards to build poker hands to help “kit them out” with better funs, explosives, trinkets, etc.
  • become the leader you were meant to be
  • turn-based combat happens dynamically on the run so it’s necessary to “hone strategic skills to a fine edge” to prevail

Check out the Hard West 2 official site for more.

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