Hardcore “Neon Slasher” Phantom Trigger Launches for Switch & PC


Phantom Trigger is described by developers as a “hardcore neon slasher with RPG elements”. That’s a big mouthful for a game that packs an equally big punch. It’s a big day today with the Steam / PC and Switch launch.

But what’s a hardcore neon slasher?

We’re glad you asked. In Phantom Trigger, you play as the rather ordinary Stan whose life has been thrown into chaos by a strange event. He’ll work through his own story on his way to any one of four different endings.

The game actually merges elements from RPGs, rogue-like games and slashers to bring players something really unique. As Stan, players will use combos to trap and freeze enemies as well as herd them together, burning bosses while dashing from one pack to another. Along the way, Stan will unlock new combos as well as upgrade his weapons. During the 7+ hours of action, players will explore five utterly different worlds.

During launch week, Phantom Trigger is 20% off ($11.99) for the base game or $14.61 for the Collector’s Edition on Steam. It is $14.99 for Switch.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our Phantom Trigger review coming soon(tm).

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