Hardware Corner: BT Audio Sync Review

BT Audio Sync Review

Recently Bionik released their version of a Bluetooth adapter for the Nintendo Switch called the BT Audio Sync. The point, of course, is adding Bluetooth support for the Switch, arguably one of the most requested features to the switch that was left out. In our day and age, all devices use Bluetooth or at least just about. BT Audio Sync provides Bluetooth support and more features. How does it add up, read our review and find out! This is our BT Audio Sync review.

Being a long-time gamer with a family often proves to exhibit more issues then one would think. One issue that I find becoming more and more is my ability to hear audio. No, I am not talking about losing my hearing, What I am referring to is that my wife and children seem to generate more and more sound then I had thought possible, seriously I swear I am at a rock concert at times. Most and more I find that I keep the volume levels down to zero. I am a thoughtful person and I tend to keep the volume low so I do not disturb others, a sentiment I wish was contagious. With the release of the BT Audio Sync, I felt this was my chance to regain my ability to hear the lovely in-games sounds and music. In a way, you could call this a hearing aid. Now I need to find an option for my TV.


I have used various products throughout my years and truthfully, I have seen everything from huge clunky designs to products that are so small you wonder how they even work, well often times they fail over time. The BT Audio Sync has proven to be a nice form factory and has exceeded my expectations. Construction is very well made and feels very solid.  The simple color of black with an orange button seems to blend well when connected directly to the console.


It is hard to believe that a device this small would pack some additional features but it does just that. The BT Audio Sync features USB Type C pass-through and even allows you to charge your switch while using the device. Also, a noteworthy feature is the ability to connect up to two individual headphones/BT devices at a time. One of my favorites, no batteries required as the device is powered by the console itself. Last but most certainly not least is the provided USB Type-A to USB type C (Female) cable. This allows you to connect the BT Audio Sync continue using the adapter while in docked mode. This is my opinion is most elegant as it allows me to use my 55 Inch TCL and keep the audio all to myself.

Out of the box, the BT Audio Sync was easy to set up, simple as plug into console or dock. Press and Hold easy to identify orange button to put into pairing mode, then put my headphones into pairing mode and like wizardry straight from harry potter everything was connected and ready to go. My base sample was used with my V1 V-Moda Crossfades. Perfect combo, in my opinion, my favorite console with my favorite headphones. Excuse me I am going to go play some Breath of the Wild. But in all seriousness, the connectivity from the BT Audio Sync can be compared to connecting right to your smartphone. Easy to use with a concept of set it and forget it. The range is decent as well, I was able to go a bit more then 30Ft before I observed any audio distortions.

Let’s talk about battery life, with the adapter plugged in I only was able to observe less than 5% more draw from the battery while in handheld mode with no power source plugged in. Let’s face we want as much battery life out of the console as freakishly possible. While I did not have the ability to try with a battery pack connected, I would not expect much more draw than the internal battery.  There are a few issues that are so minor I almost do not want to write about but In case anyone runs into the issue maybe I can be of service. The story here is quick I left the adapter plugged into the dock and decided to play without my headphones. Even with them disconnected the BT Audio Sync was still running and redirecting the audio away from the TV. Admittedly it took me a few moments to realize this, Once disconnected the audio returned to my TV as it should.  With that in mind, I now have to remember to disconnect it as its always powered on and running when plugged in.

Fast forward a few weeks since I have been using the magical adapter, it is still working just like the day I removed it from its packaging. The low profile of the adapter allows it to travel well stored neatly in my switch travel case. I have yet to be able to test the audio quality due to not having more than one pair of Bluetooth headsets, my previous pair decided it no longer likes storing power. For the time being that I fine with me since the whole goal was for me to hear the blissful gaming sounds while I let drift the woes of my workday.

Overall, I for one think that Bionik hit this one out of the park, they successfully delivered a brilliantly small package with just the right number of features to be usable and not just silly. Today some devices do just that pack so much complicated things that a lot of the times the main feature leaves a lot to be desired. The BT Audio Sync by Bionik has more earned its place on my mantle. It has earned the rank of favorite Nintendo Switch accessories. That’s is saying a lot since until now my favorite was the Pro Controller. I would highly suggest this adapter as it gives the user the freedom to be wireless without a large impact on usability and battery life. MSRP $39.99.


  1. Hmmm I think I may need to get this, cheers for the review!

  2. Hmmm audio. I’m looking for something like this to hook-up a Bluetooth keyboard. No luck thus far.

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