Harmony’s Odyssey Will Weave A Charming Tale Later This Year

MythicOwl, the team behind the multi sided puzzler Hexologic, are about to tell a magical tale while testing your brain with the announcement of Harmony’s Odyssey.

Set to arrive sometime this year, round about the time the owl grows, this charming looking brain teaser is the latest mix of mind bending magic from Mythicowl and an interesting looking new entry on PC and Nintendo Switch. Set in a wondrous new world and following the adventures of a young witch named Harmony, this new quest will navigate a realm made up of myth and legend. As Harmony ventures froth from her own forest hideaway, she will need your help to overcome the obstacles that sit in her way and catch a mischievous cat that has her magical wand.

The result of this feline escape is, as you would expect, something of a muddle. The already incredible world that you’ll find is all muddled up. Curious creatures, Cyclops commuters, dragon cars, and garden mummies are all part of the daily lives of this charming world, but you’ll need to reorder them while your on a certain cat’s tail. As Harmony reverts this cute and colourful world back to its own natural order, you’ll engage in 3D tile-based gameplay with a range of interactive puzzles, riddles and mini games. Across seven distinct worlds, you’ll watch an eventful story full of silly moments and touching drama play out, all decorated in a wonderfully easy aesthetic. If you’re looking to kick back and just enjoy yourself without the need to blow anything up then Harmony’s Odyssey begins later this year. For now, check out the cute trailer above for a better glimpse of the muddle you’ll have to unmix. Check out more over on the official Steam Store page now

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