Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Brings Multiplayer Dueling

You read that headline correctly. For a limited time, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery has introduced a dueling multiplayer mode for any players that have linked their accounts with Facebook. Although this is a limited time event (only running until July 15), the developer is planning other events like this in the future.

Dueling in Hogwarts Mystery follows the same rules as dueling NPC’s in the game. Any spells you have learned will be available for duels. Dueling other players requires the use of a special ticket (each player is given three), with the winner keeping their ticket and receiving special rewards and the loser forfeiting the ticket used.

The game offers many other activities to try out and as it is a free to play title on both Android and Apple, it could be worth checking out. Check out the trailer below or head over the games official site for more information.

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