Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Goes All Dark Arts

harry potter wizards unite dark arts

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite grows up this month with a brand new set of events for the mobile game. Watch out for Dementors as the Dark Arts Month begins.

Let’s all be honest, Harry Potter got good when Prison of Azkaban hit bookshelves and it’s high time for Wb Games and Niantic’s magical mobile game to shed its innocence. Starting now and running across October, a Dark Arts Month lands for wizards and muggles alike. Players will be able to take up a range of in-game events and activities that feature the scarier side of the wizarding world. It is up to players to work together to protect an unwitting population from things that howl in the night as the following four events unfold:

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Part 1: October 8-14
A new quest featuring the spine-chilling Brilliant Death Eater and an Azkaban Escapee

October Community Day: October 19
Expect more uncanny creatures including Vampire, Werewolf, and Doxy oddities appearing more frequently in the game

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Part 2: October 22-28
A new sinister quest featuring the Brilliant Sirius Black and a Dementor

Exclusive Halloween Quest: October 31
Get ready for an exciting and exclusive Dark Arts-themed Wizarding Challenge Fortress Chamber and quest with limited-time rewards

With a range of time-limited rewards that would make the Sorcerors Stone seem cheap and some o the franchises more interesting elements for inspiration, this is likely the update that fans have been waiting for. I won’t waste any more of your time explaining why you should consider playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Instead, you can find out more about the title over in our review. AS for the rest of you. You can sign up to go Patronus in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store right now.


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