Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Annouced


Harvest Moon fans of the world rejoice! Natsume and Rising Star Games have just announced that they will be releasing Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition to The Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for both North America and Europe May 2018. After releasing late last year on Steam, Natsume and Rising Star are excited to the title over to a new audience and are promising some special features unique to the console experience.

Although details surrounding all the Special Edition has to offer are scarce at the moment, Hiro Maekawa, President, and CEO of Natsume stated in the press release that along with some special bonuses all of these new console specific features will be revealed in eh coming months. Be sure to stay tuned to Gamespace for the latest information on this an all of your other gaming news.

About Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

As the player, you will set out in the hopes of starting a new life when your ship is hit with a monsoon leaving you drifting at sea. You awake to find yourself in a small seaside town, also ravished by the storm, and must work with the townsfolk to rebuild the town and save the lighthouse. Using all the skills at your disposal you’ll work to restore the lighthouse and save the town.

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