Hasbro Tiger LCD Games Are Back To Take On Mobile Gaming

tiger lcd games

Hasbro is bringing back Tiger LCD gaming taking on huge mobile hits or maybe just looking for a retro cash grab.

Before some of us were lucky enough to get a Gameboy or a Sega Game Gear, on the move video games were confined to a small LCD screen decorated by animated characters from your favorite big-budget video games or cartoon series. The Tiger Electronics handheld gaming lineup was a staple of the toy chest back in the early days of video games and these easily accessible games provided a monochrome video game with simple scrolling mechanics and the graphical power of a calculator. Despite this less than 8 bit endeavor, the mushy plastic buttons, and the metronomic musical score many of us have fond memories.

Cutting Edge Retro

It seems fitting, therefore that Hasbro is bringing back Tiger LCD handheld games. The opening salvo in this adventure includes fully licensed recreations of the Sonic the Hedgehog 3, the X-Men, Transformers, and The Little Mermaid games. In Sonic you’ll play as the titular hedgehog, minus the blue bit now, and defeat six Eggman stages while The Little Mermaid finds Ariel picking up objects of human origin while avoiding the gaze of Ursula. Yes, this is what we called video gaming back in the early 1990s.

Not exactly the same as the Atari VCS project, each of these is exactly as you remember, it depends on your memory, however. The items are coming to Gamestop and will set you back around $14.99. Pre-orders are open already and the toys are expected to be on show at the New York Toy Fair shortly. We don’t have any idea if these will make it to Europe and frankly I’m fine with that. I’ll stick to my Nintendo Switch and log into Fzero for a retro hit when I need it. This memory is one for the bottom of the kitchen drawer. Check out more about the Tiger comeback on the Hasbro website where you can also hunt down news about the awesome looking Halo Nerf guns.


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