Have You Seen Black Desert Mobile’s New Drakania Class?

It’s been some time since everyone at Gamespace rolled a Lahn and flipped our phone onto Black Desert Mobile. Now Pearl Abyss has added the Drakania class to their go MMORPG.

Added into the world of Black Desert Mobile just yesterday and available to play right now, the Drakania class is a phenomenal new way to play through Pearl Abyss’ massive mobile MMORPG. That’s a huge feat for an MMORPG that includes dozens of classes and plenty of Awakenings already. The Drakania, however, is a warrior of note and comes from a fearsome lineage.

Descended from the legendary Night Dragon Markthanan, this warrior wields a set of powerful swords. The first of these is Drakania’s Slayer, a two-handed greatsword that is lethal in close range combat. This huge edged implement isn’t quite up to the size of a Warrior’s greatsword, but this accurately reflects the deadly precision of this class.

The Drakania also uses a sub-weapon called the Shard. This piece of the Slayer’s heart can be decoupled from the main weapon and used to attack enemies. It unlocks access to quicker actions that also charge up a class-based resource. When these two are recombined, the Ion collected by the Shard supercharges further actions by these adventurers. This very different play style combines with a range of area-of-effect attacks and powerful tools that can group enemies, drain their resources, and remove debuffs from Drakania and her allies. Finally, there’s a new passive that activates below 50% HP. This allows the Drakania to recover HP by using Ion generating attacks.

Pour this mix of longevity and powerful AoE skills into the armored form of the Drakania, and there’s a flashy and fearsome opponent on offer right now. It’s fantastic to see a brutal melee focused class that doesn’t come  stomping onto the battlefield and requires more than a simple spin to win attitude. Just wait until you see the Awakening for this one too. For now, you can try out this superb looking new class in Black Desert Mobile or find out what’s in store by watching the trailer above.

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