Haxity Hits Early Access Today

Megapop Games just played its hand and unleashed its brand new cyberpunk deck builder Haxity on Early Access.

Available right now on PC, Haxity is a rogue-lite deckbuilding battler set in a gritty cyberpunk future. Whether you are ready to become a cyborg citizen of a sci-fi city or the product of genetic experiments gone wrong, Haxity gives you the chance to pick a champion and build your way to victory with a mix of tactical cunning, skill, and the luck of the draw. Mixing elements from fighting games and traditional card games, Haxity allows players familiar with other brawlers to draft a deck and jump into action, but don’t expect any lazy number crunching.

Between turns in this primarily competitive title, players can and Slot, Hack and Execute their attacks to throw down damage. Everything from robot punches, energy shields, and poisonous debuffs are accompanied by a set of cool looking combat animations. There are tons of ways to take down opponents in this new arena and much of the outcome will really on tactical deck building, great reactions, and the luck of the draw.

Haxity also includes a rogue-lite campaign mode so that they can pick a member of this warped future society, build a deck, and dive into the back gritty back streets of this society, between being their friends. Haxithy is available now on Steam Early Access, priced at $12.99 (or regional equivalent). Players will also be able to take advantage of a special launch discount of 10% off for the first week of launch. If you’re not entirely sure you want to see this future, check out the trailer above and then hack the future, today.

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