Haxity Plays A Dark Cyberpunk Sound Deck

haxity soundtrack

Megapop Games, the developer behind upcoming cyberpunk card game Haxity has just unveiled a typically dark synth soundtrack ahead of launch.

Due to boot up into Early Access via Steam on 17 June, Haxity is a cyberpunk, roguelite, action deck-builder. Set in a dystopian cyberpunk future, it needs an edgy synth soundtrack to match the neon lights of this future fighter. Now we know that acts like Misanthropix, Cyberthing!, Occams Laser, Vector Seven and Neon Ranger should suffice. These names might not be on your radar if you’re more used to the crushing riffs of Mick Gordon and Doom but Erlend Kirkebø, Game Producer on Haxity, explained that:

“During the development of Haxity we read and watched a lot of the great classic cyberpunk fiction, but we also listened a lot to synthwave music for inspiration. At some point we asked: ‘What if we actually use the synthwave music we listen to, and actually try get music from some of these artists into our game?’”

“We first contacted Misanthropix, an artist from Brazil, his strong and dark electronic beats really went hand in hand with the punch and fighting game feeling of Haxity. He was helpful to let us test his music in the game, and the feedback we got from it was great! We soon reached out to more artists and figured out the sub-genre of dark synth was really the place for us to be”

Track Contributors

· Misanthropix: Brazil based artist, “Dark electronic against humans”. His dark beats have a strong punch and drive to it, perfect for turning on the fighting mode for Haxity.
· Cyberthing!: California based with dark-synth music inspired by the 80s action, horror and sci-fi. His music has a gritty, tense and somewhat “rusty” feeling to it, making it perfect to match the world of Haxity, where the streets are gritty.
· Occams Laser: British music producer, 80s horrors mixed with cyberpunk and modern electronics. His music has a darker and more “occult” feeling to it, setting a nice tone to the fate of many of the characters in Haxity, with darkness looming over them.
· Vector Seven: “Music from a dystopian future” describes his music. Producer from Germany, Vector Seven brings a certain industrial element to the Haxity playlist that everyone will enjoy, matching the dystopian setting of Haxity run by mega-corporations.
· Neon Ranger: Hungary based artist, producing music for films, TV, and games under the label of Titan Slayer. His music is used for both the Haxity trailer and in the opening scene of the game. He has a distinct unique beat that really sets the mood perfectly for Haxity.

These artists have taken their time to collaborate with the team behind Haxity, producing a wave of dark laser wielding riffs for your digital pleasure and when you get a glimpse of the game it’s no wonder Megapop went in this direction. Set in a dark dystopian city of the future, Haxity features deck building mechanics familiar to those climbing the Spire but jumps into an online PvP brawl that has definitely played a few games of Street Fighter somewhere in the far-flung past. Pulling these cool looks and dep strategic turns together, Haxity sounds like a game absolutely worth looking out for when it arrives on PC on 17 June. Check out more about Haxity and its soundtrack on the official Steam Store page now.


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