Headliner: NoviNews Fact Checks The Nintendo Switch Soon

EXTRA! EXTRA! Get ready to make the news as Headliner: NoviNews brings its mass-market media appeal to the Nintendo Switch on 9 September.

Originally published to PC around a year ago, Headliner: NoviNews builds on the very first Headliner adventure that first appeared a year before that. The work of indie developer Unbound Creations, this particular follow up reminds us that all heroes don’t wear capes and villains are just as easily works of fiction. As a desk-bound adventurer, you take on the role of a news editor. A stack of papers sit before you with two options, approve and reject. The choices you make will shape the headlines of today and you will have to live with the societal impact. However, truth, justice, and all things right aren’t all you have to worry about.

A variety of demands are placed on the head of a news outlet’s lead editor. Engagement numbers, quotas, and audience satisfaction are all just as important as “the truth”. While clickbait controversy equals clicks, the chaos that reigns down on the streets outside might not be worth it. You will have to decide if you want to walk the streets safely or watch circulation numbers grow.

“I’ve been a big fan of the Nintendo Switch since its inception, and felt like there was untapped potential for it to house serious political games,” said Unbound Creations founder and director Jakub Kasztalski. “I’ve always been interested in how media shapes people’s perceptions, which in turn shapes reality. What stories we deem newsworthy, and how we report on those stories, fundamentally changes our entire society. Headliner: NoviNews explores the trials and tribulations of trying to remain unbiased in an inherently biased world.”

This title hits a little close to home here at Gamespace but we like to think that we’ve not caused a riot just yet. This award-winning title will set Nintendo Switch owners back $13.99 or local equivalent, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will roll off the presses sometime around December. You can find out more about Headliner: NoviNews on the game’s official website and pre-register for purchase on the Nintendo eShop now.


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