Headsnatchers hits Early Access


After a minor delay, Amsterdam publisher Iceberg Interactive has finally unleashed its chaotic neon challenge on the world. This party game might just leave you all arms and legs as Headsnatchers enters early access today!

Available through Steam early access, Headsnatchers comes straight from the minds of indie developers Iguanabee. Their previous efforts, such as Monsterbag, really should give you fair warning that anything which escapes their offices is going to be a little off the wall, and it really is.

The aim of Headsnatchers is to win, and you can win by separating your opponent’s heads from their bodies. Clad in 3D neon glory, the maddening local multiplayer experience pops competitors into a range of quick game modes across 25 levels. Each iteration of this includes its own rules, regulations, weapons, deadly features, and a roulette mode. The additional 6 online maps also mean you do not need to get up close and personal to dunk your BAE’s face through a toilet rim. A zombie castle mode even awaits the more antisocial of us.

This is is quite clearly a big, loud, wacky way to whittle away your evenings. With over 100 prefab heads and a custom face creator, you’ll probably while away plenty of that time just picking your perfect character. Headsnatchers is the sort of zany nonsense that I adore and if it tickles you bright neon pink, then check out the trailer below or see the official website.

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