Heart Of Deimos Expansion Is Coming To Warframe In August

You’d best prepare for action Tenno. A brand-new era in the open world of Warframe, is set to arrive across PC and consoles on 25 August 2020.

Canadian developer and publisher, Digital Extremes, took the opportunity to announce the upcoming expansion to their massive online adventure, at this year’s TennoCon. The yearly celebration of all things Warframe might have been a little different due to health and safety, but that didn’t stop the tea behind one the internet’s biggest sleeper hits culminating a weekend of Warframe with this huge news. For the first time, players across all platforms will get to experience Heart of Deimos as one, when the expansion launches on all PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and even the Nintendo Switch all at once.

Whatever platform you chose to do battle on, players who jump into Heart of Deimos will experience a huge and epic new open world to explore. The Heart of Deimos is a twisted mix of old and new, weaving together the beautiful and grotesque. Following on from Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna, this third open world environment finds Tenno thrust into the terrifying hive mind landscape of the Infested faction. Massive wyrms cut through the sky while twisted beings are reborn as part of the Infested hive mind. Descending deeper into Heat of Deimos, players will find a procedurally generated labyrinth beneath this world, and it just gets worse from here. Whether you’re borrowing a giant mech to stomp through your enemies or simply running for your life, you’ll have to face ghastly experiments, left behind by the long-lost Entrati family.

Whether it’s just a new challenge, giant robots, or the horrifically beautiful new landscape that draws you into the Heart of Deimos, you can be sure there is a ton more information still to come on this new Warframe Expansion. We’re trying to dig through it all right now. Check out the Heart of Deimos trailer above and get ready to take on the Infested on 25 August over on the Warframe website.

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