Hearthstone – August 2018 Ranked Play Season

Want some refreshing lemonade with your new season?
August 2018 Ranked Play Season – Refreshing Lemonade

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new blog post on the Hearthstone community site to let players know that August 2018 Ranked Play Season is now live!

Even with the strongest deck and a mind for strategy, sometimes things just don’t go our way—but that’s okay! Do we lay down our cards, and concede to the vagaries of fate? NO! What to do when luck gives us lemons? Why, we make a tall glass of refreshing lemonade, of course! The next victory is only a match away, so queue up for the August Ranked Play Season and make the Lemonade card back yours!

To receive the Lemonade card back, you are required to win 5 Ranked games of any difficulty while the season is active. Both Standard and Wild Ranked Play modes count.

You will receive the card back in the Ranked Play reward chest at the end of the month if you qualify. The higher your rating, the higher the reward.

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