Hearthstone – Upcoming Balance Changes in February

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Balance

Hearthstone community site has been updated with the patch notes for the upcoming balance changes in Update 10.2. The team has decided to fix some cards that may cause big immediate swings on the battlefield.

Bonemare, in particular, has shown to be quite strong in a wide variety of decks in both constructed and Arena due to its Neutral status and impact on the board. The team decided to increase its cost by 1 to give opponents more time to utilize powerful late-game cards and counter it.

Another Neutral card on the nerfing block is the Corridor Creeper which attack is being changed to 2 (down from 5). Due to the cost reduction in playing this card, it can affect battlefield in a big way based on whether or not it happens to be in hand at the beginning of the game.

Since it’s a very strong neutral card, Corridor Creeper has been played by a lot of classes. By lowering its attack, we reduce the overall swing potential and power level of the card, but still allow players who draw it early to benefit from having a low-cost minion to play when the game state is ideal.

The developers had some concerns about Patches’ current form. The card’s strength has lead to almost every class adding some Pirates to their deck just to benefit from it as well as a good counter to it. The change is aimed to give Wild mode players more flexibility about their decks.

Raza the Chained’s Battlecry now makes your Hero Powers cost (1) (up from 0) if your deck has no duplicates.

In a similar vein to Patches the Pirate, we had some concerns about allowing Raza to remain in his current state forever. Raza is currently an important combo piece along with Shadowreaper Anduin, and can lead to games that rely heavily on drawing him by turn 5. Adjusting his Battlecry will lower his overall power level when combined with Shadowreaper Anduin in Standard, and keep his power level reasonable in Wild as we prepare for the new Hearthstone Year.

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