Hearthstone – Blizzard Invites You To Participate In A Quest for Packs

Quest for Packs

Blizzard knows how much fans of HearthStone love to open their card packs… and gives a chance of a lifetime to win and open 3000 of them. Starting at 9AM PST today and up until 9PM PST on February 14, each daily quest you complete during this event grants you an entry for a chance to win 3000 Hearthstone card packs, the Lich King’s helm and more!

In the year of the Mammoth, you embarked on many memorable quests! You explored steamy jungles in search of primordial mysteries in Journey to Un’goro. You embraced the deadly power of the Lich King in Knights of the Frozen Throne. You delved deep into trap-infested tunnels to loot incredible treasures in Kobolds & Catacombs. Now, one last legendary quest remains in the Year of the Mammoth, and the rewards are beyond your wildest dreams!

The rewards include:

  • The grand prize winner will receive a prize package with 3000 HS Card Packs, The Lich King’s Helm, and Hearthstone apparel Gift Pack.
  • 1000 players will receive a Mammoth Card Bundle, containing 10 packs from each expansion released during the Year of the Mammoth.
  • 50000 players will receive 3 card packs – one from each expansion of the Year of the Mammoth.

To commemorate the Year of the Mammoth, Blizzard is also adding a new bundle to the shop. It includes 10 packs from each expansion released during the Year of the Mammoth for a total of 30 card packs.

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