Hearthstone Will Let You Borrow Your Friends’ Decks

Nice deck you have there. I think I will Borrow it!
Hearthstone Borrow Decks

With Hearthstone’s latest expansion Witchwood just a few days away, the development had their card reveal Livestream during which we also learned of a new feature coming to the game. Called Borrowed Decks it, as you can guess, will let you borrow your friend’s deck and even use it against them.

Ben Brode explained the mechanics:

“If you’re challenging another player and maybe you’re new to the game and you don’t have a lot of decks or you just want to help somebody playtest, you can hit ‘Borrow Decks’ and they’ll get a little dialogue box. And they can say ‘yeah, they can use my decks in this challenge.’ So just for that 1v1 friendly play experience, now you can use each other’s decks. You can swap decks and play each other’s decks against each other.”

You can also Borrow Decks from each other at the same time. You can participate in the Reddit discussion to see the community opinions and concerns!

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