Hearthstone: A Change Of Mammoth Proportions

Hearthstone devs gone wild

Blizzard devs put up a new blog post on the Hearthstone site. In it the company has shared some of the details of changes coming later this year. The Year of Mammoth will bring many neat things such as new content, improvements, fixes and more.

Last year the devs introduced a split into Wild and Standard formats of play. However, while generally a good change, this has also seen some Classic cards become next to must-have in Standard mode. Which, in turn, lead to less interesting gameplay. As a result some Classic cards will move to Wild format.

We wanted to allow players to disenchant Classic cards that are being added to the Hall of Fame set for full dust refunds, but then felt that incentivizing players to dust their cool Wild cards was counter to our goal of making Wild awesome.

So instead, we’re just going to give you the dust, and you can keep the cards!

Kraken vs. Mammoth

Year of Kraken alternated between Expansions and Adventures. But Year of Mammoth brings with it yet another change. Blizzard will release 3 expansions, each containing about 130 cards through the year. One in the beginning, one in the middle and, of course, another closer to the end. Each will have some cool storytelling and neat missions while adding more cards to tackle.

Into The Wilderness

Wild format is going to be even more exciting than now. The cards from Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament and League of Explorers will move to Wild. But on top of it, Blizzard is planning on Heroic Tavern Brawls as well as more tournaments using the format. Prepare for wilderness!

Together with the Warden

You didn’t think that was it now, did you? Blizzard has yet more things coming! As if the daily login rewards of dust, gold and expac packs before the expansion even launches weren’t enough… A new Rogue Hero makes it to the inn and it is one and only Maiev Shadowsong. Are you sure you are prepared for her? If so, win 10 games of Hearthstone in Standard Ranked or Casual mode after the expansion is released and Maiev will join your cause. Until it is the time to catch Illidan, of course.

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