Hearthstone – December 2018 Ranked Play Season

Hearthstone - December 2018 Ranked Play Season – Friend of the Frostwolf

Blizzard Entertainment published a new blog post on the official Hearthstone site to announce that December 2018 Ranked Play Season is now live!

The Frostwolf clan of orcs are renowned for their wisdom, honor, skill in battle—and their massive canine companions, the frost wolves! Theirs is a lineage of heroes, including their chieftain Durotan, and his famed son, Thrall among many others. When other orc clans fell prey to the machinations of the burning legion, the Frostwolf clan saw through the deception and stood firm. You could say that they choose their friends carefully. Prove that you are a friend of the Frostwolf: add the Frostwolf card back to your collection by playing Hearthstone during the month of December!

To receive the Frostwolf card back, you are required to win 5 Ranked games of any difficulty while the season is active. Both Standard and Wild Ranked Play modes count.

You will receive the card back in the Ranked Play reward chest at the end of the month if you qualify. The higher your rating, the higher the reward.

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