Hearthstone Game Mechanics Update


Hearthstone community site has been updated with a new blog post and a video from Hearthstone Gameplay Engineer Josh Durica. He gives a brief overview of the things players can expect in the next patch.

The post centres on the team’s wish to make Hearthstone into a game that works intuitively in terms of cause-and-effect interactions. The upcoming patch will bring some changes in pursuit of that goal. The team, however, still wants the game to be strategically deep and present careful choices, calculated risks and exciting events. So the changes are not going to take out the depth but will improve the game’s mechanics. Check out the video above to learn more!

Like the majority of odd interactions, each of these situations represents an edge case. While this update will address every situation we illustrated (among many others), there are still bound to be more. Keep in mind these are substantial changes to the core systems that underlie Hearthstone, so we need to make them incrementally, and with the utmost care. But you can rest assured that we’ll continue to make improvements over time.

You can find more HS news in our hub.

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  1. Though I never play Hearthstone with this much thinking I believe the changes make sense and I like ’em!

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