Hearthstone – A New Challenger Approaches – Meet The Teams!

Rastakhan's Rumble

With the latest Hearthstone expansion just around the corner, Blizzard team has presented the community with humorous series A New Challenger Approaches. The series, split into three parts, serves to introduce the players to the Loa and their champions that will be taking part in the Rastakhan’s Rumble from a viewpoint of Rikkar, a troll coming to the games for the first time.

Sound the drums and dive right into the arena!

The first part introduces the first three teams: Shirvallah’s Tigers with High Priest Thekal (Paladin); Hir’eek’s Bats with the High Priestess Jeklik (Warlock) and Akali’s Rhinos with Warmaster Voone (Warrior).

The second part is dedicated to Krag’wa’s Frogs lead by Zentimo (Shaman); Jan’alai’s Dragonhawks with Hex Lord Malacrass (Mage) and Bwonsamdi’s Zombies with Princess Talanji (Priestess).

Finally, part three describes Gonk’s Raptors lead by Wardruid Loti (Druid), Halazzi’s Lynxes represented by Zul’jin (Hunter) and the last but not the least Gral’s Sharks with Captain Hooktusk (Rogue).

Miraculously, the crowd fell silent as Rikkar’s voice echoed across the arena, “I am Rikkar! I got no tribe, no village, and no Loa. My whole life has been lived for dis moment. Da Rumble is my tribe! Dis arena will be my home! And I claim kinship with all de Loa of the Rumble! I challenge you. I challenge all of you!”

Shocked silence stretched for what felt like an eternity.

“. . . Dere’s no rule against it!”

Stay tuned to see how Rikkar fares when the next chapter, Rumble Run, comes out on December 13! The expansion comes out on December 4. Are you ready to test your might and cunning in the arena?

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