Hearthstone Players Invited to the Scholomance Masquerade Ball


The Hearthstone team has laid out its plans for a new in-game event called the Scholomance Masquerade Ball. Developers have invited all players to a ball where not everything is as it seems. During the limited-time event, players can take part in special challenges and can enjoy the themed makeover of the Tavern itself.

Some of the spooky happenings include:

  • Exercise the Elements in Battlegrounds: Starting September 29th, players can “recruit and wield the awesome power of Elementals in Battlegrounds”. There are 16 new minions and 4 new Heroes (Chenvaala, Rakanishu, Al’Akir the Windlord, and Ragnaros the Firelord).
  • A new progression and rating system will be introduced in Battlegrounds that is similar to Ranked mode.
  • Dual-Class Arena: Players will be given one free Arena ticket to enter and choose a Hero and a Hero power from a different class. “Mix and match to your heart’s content and discover powerful synergies”.
  • Rise of the Zombeasts makes a comeback during the in game event. This takes place as a Tavern Brawl “where both players create an undead army by assuming the role of Deathstalker Rexxar”.
  • The Masquerade Ball Tavern Brawl begins on October 7th.
  • Hearthstone Book of Heroes: Rexxar allows players to play through his story in a solo experience. Defeating all 8 bosses rewards a Hunter Pack. This begins October 13.
  • Also on October 14, players can head to the Boss Battle Royale 3 Tavern Brawl. Players choose from 10 playable bosses.
  • Starting September 29th, players can set off on Legendary Quests to earn 9 card packs.
  • A Secret Quest will also become available. Players set off to find the perfect costume for the Masquerade Ball and are sent off to complete a number of challenges. Successful completion nets two golden copies of the Transfer Student.

Check out the full blog post on the Hearthstone official site.

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