Hearthstone – Solo Adventure Dalaran Heist Is Coming May 16

Hearthstone has just announced the release date of their latest solo adventure. Called The Dalaran Heist, this adventure adds new Heroes, Hero Powers, starting decks, 75 unique bosses, friendly Tavern Encounters, and lots of extra quirks to customize your experience in Anomaly Mode!

In Dalaran Heist, player takes a role of one of the E.V.I.L. henchmen – yes, it means that this time we’ll be playing as “the bad guys”. But that’s not the biggest news. As the story progresses, you will help The League of E.V.I.L. with the titular “Dalaran Heist”. But what is their ultimate goal, exactly? Rob the Dalaran Bank? Break someone out of the Violet Hold? Maybe steal some precious artifacts from the Kirin Tor? No. Those would be too simple. They are planning to steal the entire city!

Given the size of the Dalaran Heist, it’s release will be coming in chapters. First two chapters will be released together on May 16, while the other three will be released weekly, one by one. Each chapter features its own, unique encounters, as well as a special “twist” on mechanics (that fits the chapters’ theme), which means that each one of them will play differently.

  • Chapter 1: Dalaran Bank – May 16
    • Twist: Coin-filled Coffers
  • Chapter 2: The Violet Hold – May 16
    • Twist: Imprisoned Minions
  • Chapter 3: Streets of Dalaran – May 23
    • Twist: Crowded Streets
  • Chapter 4: The Underbelly – May 30
    • Twist: Swapped Attack and Health
  • Chapter 5: Kirin Tor Citadel – June 6
    • Twist: Four Additional Encounters

The first Chapter is free. Subsequent Chapters can be purchased either with in-game currency (700 Gold each) or real money ($6.99 each). If you want to spend the latter, you can also buy them in bulk for $19.99 for all four chapters.

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