Hearthstone – Welcome to Winter Veil 2018

Hearthstone - Welcome to Winter Veil 2018

Hearthstone team has published a new blog post to wish all players a wonderful Winter Veil 2018. Of course, such an opportunity couldn’t pass by without a special event and gifts!

Starting now through December 31, exchange happy holiday greetings with worthy opponents in a Tavern festooned with a wonderland of fancy Winter Veil decorations. Cozy up and play 100 cards to complete the Happy Winter Veil! quest to receive FOUR The Boomsday Project card packs! Then settle in for some festive Tavern Brawl fun!

The blog also details a new tavern brawl Return & Exchanges:

Choose your hero, then build a deck of 20 minions (10 random spells from your class will be added automatically once the brawl begins).

When the match begins, each player will mulligan for an opening hand, and then “gift” the rest of their decks to their opponent. But there’s a catch! Each player only has 20 health, and each “gift” deck comes with a 5 mana Gift Receipt card! When Gift Receipt is played, it refreshes a player’s mana crystals, swaps the decks again, and destroys their opponent’s Gift Receipt!

When building this Tavern Brawl deck, you’ll need to think about what you’d want for mulligan, what you wouldn’t want an opponent to play (at least until you have 5 mana), and what you might want to draw if your opponent decides to return your “gift”!

Win a match of Returns & Exchanges and earn the Winter Veil Treat card back!

Gift Exchange

In this brawl, Greatfather Winter drops crates on the battlefield. Smash it open – can be the opponent’s or your own – and Discover a card from the respective class.

If you already received the Winter Veil Treat card back, this brawl will award a Classic card pack. If not then it’s another chance to earn Winter Veil Treat.

Winter Veil Wonder Bundle: 

What seasonal event is it without a special bundle to enjoy? Blizzard has prepared the Winter Veil Wonder Bundle for you or your Hearthstone enthusiasts. Just remember, there can be only one bundle per account.

‘Tis the season for Winter Veil! Celebrate Hearthstone’s jolliest event of the year with the Winter Veil Wonder Bundle. Get 30 card packs total, 6 packs each from Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, Kobolds & Catacombs, The Witchwood, and The Boomsday Project

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