Hefty Ghost Recon Breakpoint patch fixes bugs, tweaks features

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

A hefty update has been deployed for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The 7GB patch fixes a number of annoying bugs and makes some significant improvements to several features to make the game less frustrating/annoying than before.

Some of the key updates include:

  • drones will deploy more consistently
  • players will no longer respawn under the game map
  • the Mission Complete tutorial pop up will finally disappear
  • several significant updates to Ghost War
  • players can “camera shoulder swap” in cover
  • base stamina has been increased by 66% and regens 75% faster
  • sliding stamina reduction decreased by 50%

Breakpoint has been under fire since launch specifically for the number of technical issues and bugs so this patch should go a long way to making the game less frustrating for players. Some of the feature updates are also quite welcome, especially the stamina loss when sliding!

Check out the full patch notes on the Ghost Recon Breakpoint official site.

“We know that we have a lot of work ahead of us to get the game where you want it to be and that not everything will be addressed or released as fast as all of you might like. Big changes can take time to make sure they are done right, but we still want to be as transparent as we can about the current state of development.”

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