HeistGeist – Check Out the Reveal Trailer

HeistGeist - Check Out the Reveal Trailer

Doublequote Studio (Blood will be Spilled) presented a story-driven RPG set in a cyberpunk version of Central Europe. Titled HeistGeist, it follows the story of Alex, a thief for hire, that got doublecrossed and forced to run after a job gone bad.

Attempt to pick up the pieces of Alex’s lost reputation after her last job went terribly bad. On the run from corporate assassins and a disgruntled client, Alexandra has to do her best to stay alive, as she prepares for the heist of a lifetime. Put together a team of specialists, execute highly elaborate heists, fight in card-based battles and hack into the most secure corporate systems.

  • Pull off high stakes heists in which every choice matters
  • Follow an original cyberpunk story full of twists and intrigue with a fully voiced cast of characters
  • Fight your enemies in card-based battles where sequencing and powerful combinations are the key to your success
  • Build a deck that suits your playstyle
  • Use cyberspace to hack into secure servers in a unique card-based puzzles

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