Hell Let Loose Marches Out Of Early Access

Hell Let Loose, the strategic online shooter from Black Matter has fully marched out of early access and is out on PC,

Fully locked and loaded, Hell Let Loose launched out of early access into a full release yesterday. The massive multiplayer online shooter has opened up the struggles of World War 2’s Eastern |Front to gamers, providing a taste of something a little different to the beaches of Normandy for fans of the genre. That’s not all that Hell Let Loose does differently, however. This particular title thrusts players into relentless 50 vs 50 gameplay across a total of 11 different maps, each of which gives a glimpse into some of the most influential battles that took place across the eastern end of this war. If you’re looking for a tour that touches on Utah and Omaha beaches, Carentan, and Stalingrad then Hell Let Loose is prepared for you.

Massive Battles

While Hell Let Loose might initially sound a little like the massive shoot em ups that Battlefield 4 made so iconic, this is a little less high tech and might more visceral. Hell et Loose portrays the battles of the Western and Eastern Fronts across two distinct modes, Offensive and Warfare. The latest maps to be added to this campaign provide new gameplay experiences where players are broken down into armour, infantry, and recon, led by officers with a direct line to an overall player-commander. As each battle unfolds you’ll watch the tactics and training of each 50 player team comes together and hopefully win the day.

The release of Hell Let Loose comes after two years in Steam Early Access and 10 major content updates. Now players can jump into battle for £34.99 / $39.99 or local equivalent. If you’re not quite sure of what awaits you, then the version 1.0 milestone also comes with a brand new trailer which we’ve included above. Check out more over on the Hell Let Loose store page now.

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