Hell Sports Out Now And Ready Round Out 2020

Hell Sports is out now on Nintendo Switch and this bubbly battler seems appropriately titled when rounding off the year.

Developed and published by Tokyo based Neilo Inc, Hell Sports is a 2v2 action battle game that is now available in the Nintendo eShop storefront across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Originally available on iOS and Android devices back in October this year, the cartoon competition allows players eager to one up their friends and impresses the colorful denizens of the underworld to take on other dammed souls in a range of matches. Six different sets of match rules pit you and your fellow souls against each other, allowing you to go head to head with a series of variations on the game’s core ruleset, that has a least a tip of the hat to Plants vs Zombies, Whether it’s in 2v2, 3v3, tank mode, of best of five matches, players must set traps, use their unique avatar abilities, and a range of special skills to bash their opponents down into the depths of hell and reach the other side of the arena without falling at the last hurdle.

As the newly announced Nintendo eShop entry is already out across mobile devices, anybody descending in for a bit of PVP can test themselves against their friends. Hell Sports is fully cross-platform compatible, so we’re all in for it. While this all sounds a little ominous, it’s all very cutesy and has a distinctly Japanese edge to the entire affair. If you’re looking to start your illustrious Hell Sports career on the ranked ladder, or just casually bash some friends, check out more about this Nintendo eShop entry over on the official Hell Sports website now.

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