Here’s How You Can Play Survivor Royale on PC

Survivor Royale

Looking for a game similar to PUBG? Well then, Survivor Royale is just the game, you can download it here right now! Get ready to fight for your survival! If you have played PUBG, you already know that to win, you must be the last player standing. That’s the rule! If you are into intense fighting, this game will satisfy your action craving. It’s the ‘law of the jungle’ here and only the fittest will survive. So, keep your phone charged and get ready to win!

#1. The Battle Game Begins!

Similar to a ‘Battle Royale’ type of game, Survivor Royale offers a big map accommodating up to a total of 100 players. They all start unarmed, forced to scrounge for weapons that appear at random throughout the area. The playable area shrinks over 20 minutes, forcing survivors to fight to the death. So, brush up on your survival skills if you want to win the game! You must outlive the rest of the 99 players.

#2. HD Maps!

The action takes place in a setting featuring a diverse range of geographical characteristics, including plains, mountains, rivers, and woods, as well as a variety of structures. HD maps for each of these terrains are available for players to traverse through.

#3. Easy Control System!

With the traditional control system, it is easy to use even for amateurs. The control stick, which allows you to move your character around, is positioned on the left side of the screen while the shot, bend down, and jump buttons are located on the right-hand side.

You can engage with a weapon, a car, or a door by clicking the button that appears when you come across one. And to create destination points, you will be able to check out the map in the upper right corner.

#4. Rounds!

Survivor Royale’s round progression is remarkably similar to that of any other ‘Battle Royale’ game. Every player must use a parachute to leap across the island. You must run as quickly as possible after landing to locate guns, armors, and other necessary items.

#5. Contracting Force Field!

You must be cautious with the force field because it will continue to shrink. It will kill you if it catches up with you. Fortunately, you can accelerate your progress by using a vehicle if you manage to scavenge one.

#6. Gaming Modes!

One of the reasons that Survivor Royale is the perfect battle royale game is because it offers you two gaming modes: solo & cooperative.

Survivor Royale 1

Whether you choose the solo mode or the cooperative mode, you still have the same goal – to be the last one standing. Although, when you team up with two to four other players, the game can be even more fun.

The action-packed game is fun to play when you enjoy it with your friends offline or in an online battle mode. All you need is perfect control of the game to make the winning habit. It’s better to play such games on PC where there are a plethora of control options that can be easily managed with a keyboard and a mouse. Wondering how you can do that? Let’s uncover it!

How to Install Survivor Royale on PC?

To play any Android game on your Windows PC or even MacBook, the best way to do this is to get an Android emulator on your PC. Whilst, there are copious options, the most reliable and the fastest emulator is Bluestacks 5, the latest version. So, let’s proceed with the procedure to install Survivor Royale on PC.

  1. Download Bluestacks 5 from its official website, it must be around 470 MB.
  2. Install the emulator by following the instructions that popped up on your screen. Make the required changes if you’re looking for a custom install (not needed for gamers, but recommended for game developers).
  3. Launch the Bluestacks emulator after the installation and login using your Google account credentials.
  4. Now, open the Google Play Store in Bluestacks and search for the Survivor Royale game from the search box.
  5. Install the game once you find the official game result and start playing it on your PC.

The procedure is similar if you wish to play this game on your MacBook instead of a Windows PC.

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