Here’s what’s coming to Rocket League in Winter 2019

Rocket League

The Rocket League site has been updated with a forward look at what players can expect throughout Winter 2019. The letter begins with a brief note of thanks to the community and the astonishment that the game is racing towards its fifth birthday! There’s a lot to unpack in the letter, so let’s get started.

Competitive players will be thrilled to see the upcoming Season 12 rewards that include Univeral Animated Decals that give any vehicle a spectacular look. Each rank will have its own decal that can be used on any vehicle.  Check it out in this brief trailer.

Everyone is going to be happy to hear that all of the game’s original DLC will now be included in the base game. Yes, that’s right. That means all the DLC will be a free addition to everyone’s game. DLC includes Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run. As a result of these DLC coming to players as a free addition, they are no longer for sale. Anyone who purchased any of the three after October 1st will have the purchase price refunded.

Other things coming along this winter include:

  • Inventory Archiving to allow players to move items out of inventory tabs into a special archive tab “to more quickly navigate to the items you love”.
  • Frosty Fest 2019 in-game event that will kick off in mid-December and run through early January.
  • The Collegiate Rocket League National Championship will take place in Arlington, Texas on November 9th.
  • The Rocket League Championship Series World Championship will be held in Madrid, Spain on December 13-15.

Check out the full details on the Rocket League official site.

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