Hero Hunters, a Mobile TPS, Ready for Launch on February 1st


Hothead Games is ready to unleash its third person shooter on mobile devices beginning February 1st. Called Hero Hunters, developers describe it as “unlike anything seen on mobile devices before”.

Unlike a lot of TPS games, this one offers players the chance to switch heroes on the fly, even in the middle of battle. The caveat is that a player must pre-select up to five heroes from the full roster. These will be the only ones available during a match. With over 40 heroes, the choices matter.

The game will be free to download and will be available worldwide for both iOS and Android devices. If you’re ready to take your TPS action on the road, be sure to head to the official site to pre-register. Doing so will net you some sweet loot when the game launches.

Hero Hunters

With over 40 heroes available at launch, Hero Hunters features the high fidelity graphics and intense shooting action that Hothead Games has become known for, along with inventive team-based gameplay that is unique to mobile gaming. The extensive campaign mission experience launches with 7 regions and hundreds of missions, but there is plenty more of this game to compete in. Also included will be a competitive real-time PVP Mode, a Co-op Boss Raid Mode with friends, Gauntlet Mode, Alliances, and challenging weekly events to keep you in the hunt.

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