Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Board Game Explained Economy

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 The Board Game Explained Economy

Following the blog post dedicated to the deckbuilding, Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Board game is tackling the economy. After all, to win a war, you need resources.

The PC version of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 featured seven different resources: wood, ore, gold, mercury, sulfur, crystal and gems. For the board game to run smoothly, the developers had to combine those into groups, namely gold, building materials (wood and ore), and valuables (everything else).

However, this reduction does not in any way detract from their value. Without skillful resource management, it is impossible to succeed in the economy war. Without an appropriate amount of gold and resources, you won’t be able to expand your towns and build important structures such as:

  • City Hall (do check if “rushing” a City Hall in the board game is more profitable than “rushing” a Capitol in the computer game),
  • Citadel (without it, you cannot increase your army),
  • Mage Guild (mandatory for wizards),
  • creature dwellings (a starting army is not enough),
  • a unique building for each faction;

Of course, if you are short on resources you also can’t actually increase the strength of your army with new hires. Each faction unit has a recruitment cost and a cost to increase its amount. It may happen that one of your creatures is completely eliminated; you can recruit them again, only the state of your  economy is the limitation. Not to mention having to spend the gold or valuables to visit a Tree of Knowledge or to buy new spells from the mage guild!

“Behind each successful man, behind each “world conqueror,” there is… their accountant. The creators of the cult hit “Heroes 3″ have not forgotten about it; neither have we.”

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