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Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Art & Design team has participated in a Reddit AMA on April 4, answering the questions of the community. Dive into the thread to see the team’s comments for yourself!

Here are some questions and answers from the thread:

  • Do you have plans in the near future to make spells more visible?

We’re always looking for the clarity of spells. Moving forward we are taking harder to read spells as lessons learned.  For newly created FX we’re looking to make more clear spells.

  • One of my favorite things in the game is the interactions between characters (greetings/kills/cheers) Especially when they are specifically tailored per character. Are there plans to add more for older heroes at some point/How far in advanced do you plan these voice lines?

We love these, too!! We typically write and record all the interactions for new heroes when they’re first created. As part of that process, the team covers interactions not only for existing heroes, but also attempts account for as many potential future heroes as they can think of. This coverage includes heroes we know we want to make, and even those that we have no current intention of bringing to the game. Future-us frequently high-fives past-us because we got some great lines for a hero that we ended up making.

Unfortunately, when we miss an interaction in that initial hero development our ability to add new lines to existing heroes is very limited. That “pick-up” process involves coordinating recording sessions all over the world in all of the languages that the game is fully localized in – even for just one line addition. There are some rare occasions that we do a new event or piggyback onto recording sessions for other characters (or even other Blizzard games) and get to add new stuff, but those are pretty few and far between.

  • Can Rehgar have an appropriate looking healing totem?

  • Are we going to see more lore and crossover skins?

Yes, we have plans some crossover skins. There’s this one. It’s really cool, we’ll show you later. BfA Jaina is a highly requested skin and we want to do it.

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