Heroes of the Storm – Devs Reveal Loan Talents

Heroes of the Storm Team is Teasing Something Interesting

The developers of Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm have taken to the game’s Reddit group to reveal new content coming right around the corner. In particular, the team shared a sneak peek at a new feature called Loan Talents.

“The idea behind these was to give fairly substantial up-front power spikes that can either help carry you to victory or potentially lose potency over time – think of them as sort of ‘reverse-quests’. Play smart and they can be extremely powerful over the course of the game, but know that by choosing it, you also put a pretty substantial target over your head”

Here is an example of a loan talent for Johanna titled Divine Fortress:

  • Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes grant 15 Physical Armor for 3 seconds, stacking up to 60.
  • Loan: Johanna gains 20% maximum Health. Lose 5% of this bonus every time she dies.

Raynor will be getting a new version of Veteran Marksman:

  • Quest: Each time the primary target of Give ‘Em Some Pepper is a Hero, permanently increase its damage bonus by .75%.
  • Loan: Gain 60% bonus Give ‘Em Some Pepper damage. Every death reduces this bonus by 15%.

Illidan will be able to swing his glaives with the speed of light thanks to the new Creed of the Hunter:

  • Quest: Every 50 Basic Attacks against Heroes permanently increases the damage bonus of Hatred by 1%, to a maximum of 5%.
  • Loan: Gain 20% increased Attack Speed. Every death reduces this bonus by 5%.

Stitches is lumbering to the buffet for a Second Helping:

  • Devour gains an additional charge with a 6 second cooldown between uses:
  • Loan: If Stitches is at max Health after using Devour, he gains a Shield equal to 15% of his maximum Health for 10 seconds. Every death reduces this shield amount by 3%.

The update, however, will consist of more additions than just loan talents. Another change is coming to experience globes:

Experience Globes will no longer completely disappear after 6 seconds, but shrink. After shrinking they will remain on the Battleground for an additional 39 seconds and become worth 25% of their original value.

Source: Loan Talents Round 2!, Loan Talents Round 3!

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