Heroes of the Storm invites players to a gangster heist

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm has been updated to bring its community a brand new in-game event. Called “The Scarlet Heist,” the event gives players a chance to earn some pretty swanky new skins for Junkrat, Sgt. Hammer, Whitemane, and Orphea. In addition, there are, as always, new sprays, portraits, voice lines, mounts, and more.

The Scarlet Heist event will run from September 24th through December 3rd. That provides tons of time to earn all that sweet, sweet loot. Players can complete quests or purchase specially-themed bundles from the in-game shop.

New Tirisfal City. A town where every cop is on the take and every crook pays their dues. From her penthouse suite atop the Scarlet Monastery Casino, Whitemane runs the largest criminal empire this side of Tirisfal. There isn’t a deal that gets made, a job that gets pulled, a scam that gets run without Whitemane giving her blessing and getting her cut. Until now.”

The update also comes with some big reworks for both Whitemane and Junkrat. Developers wanted to alter their general gameplay style to give players a wider range of options. Each has a number of tweaked abilities and some have been removed to make way for new ones.

You can learn more on the Heroes of the Storm official site.

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