Heroic – Magic Duel Takes The Fight To Mobiles Today

Heroic – Magic Duel launches on mobile today and while not bring it round to meet the relatives this 4 July, it might make the journey back seem a little swifter.

Coming out of Nordeus, the same team that created mobile sports game Top Eleven, Heroic is described as a strategic Hero game. It features a series of fast-paced encounters that pit players against a series of laned PvP battles. Fighting as a range of five hero avatars, players must pick from a pool of spells, specific to each character. After augmenting this selection with a bunch of minions, they can bring their deck to bear and take on the challenges of the game’s arena.

Fast Fantasy Combat

Challenges look like they’ll come in a variety while portals crash down around players and enemies storm in over the course of a few minutes. For all of that three minutes, it seems Nordeus has put in some effort to bring something heroic to the table.

“This is a real labor of love for us here at Nordeus and we’re excited to see how fans react to some of our dynamic takes on the strategy genre, including intense PvP battles, and, unique for the genre on mobile, Boss Raids where you’ll need all of your skills and those of your Guild-mates to triumph,” said Matthieu Burleraux, Heroic Executive Producer. “This fast-paced game offers real pick up and play excitement by making battles a dynamic, lightning-paced, adrenaline-fuelled three minutes”.

With guilds, boss raids, and a dark fantasy theme that is vividly brought to life. Heroic might be worth a look, and it is free to play. You can check out all the heroes on the game’s official website or download it over at the iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

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