Hero’s Hour Powers to 100,000 Units Sold in First Week


Hero’s Hour is a turn-based strategy RPG that we first reported on two weeks ago. I have had the chance to play it and will be bringing my own review of it this week. At this time though, Developer ThingOnItsOwn has earned 100,000 sales of their new title. Before launch it had been wishlisted by over 170,000 people.



In Hero’s Hour you are meant to defeat all of the AI characters with hundreds of your own forces against theirs. Building your city is paramount to earning new units to fight with. Every map is procedurally generated and offers its players new looks every time. Choose from 20 different hero classes and fight with over 200 different types of army units. There are loads of spells to learn, coming in at around 80. It is easy to get caught up in it as I turned it on and played for around 3 hours my first time out. For people who are big on Heroes of Might and Magic titles or Lords of Magic, then you will know how to play without needing much help. The creator wanted to make something similar but ultimately different.

Hero’s Hour is out today on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games for 17.99 USD.

About ThingOnItsOwn

Benjamin Hauer is a solo developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His love of procedural generation led to the creation of his first game, Hero’s Hour, a self-entitle “spiritual successor” to the Heroes of Might and Magic game.

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