High Elves Lay the Smackdown in Newest Total War: Warhammer II Video

High Elves are the stars of the latest Total War: Warhammer II video and they’re not taking any prisoners. These fearsome warriors can hit at a distance with blistering archery. Anyone getting too close will be bogged down in tar traps before dying in melee.

High Elves and Lizardmen

The video shows how the elven units defend against an attack by Lizardmen.

Players will be able to place and use several different types of forces including:

  • “Flamespyre and Frostheart Phoenix” that bring fire and ice to battle.
  • Dragon Princes – horse mounted units immune to fire.
  • Phoenix Guard – the tank-like troops that can take the biggest hurt enemies deal out

You will be playing as one of 8 Legendary Lords across 4 races from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, players must succeed in powerful arcane rituals to stabilize or disrupt The Great Vortex. Each Legendary Lord has a unique starting position, and each race offers a new play style with campaign mechanics, and more.

Players can look forward to the game on September 28th. Preorders for PC for $59.99. Check it out here.

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