High School is Hell in Monster Prom

High School wasn’t a pleasant time for many of us but bear a thought for the students at Monster High. While being a hellspawn might be difficult, Monster Prom has a release date and on April 27, 2018 you’ll need to find your own undead date on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Developed by indie outfit Beautiful Glitch and published by Those Awesome Guys, Monster Prom is a dating simulator with yet another inventive twist. We’ve seen pigeons, cats, and a literature club that was beautifully subversive. Now, the Beautiful Glitch transposes the traditional sating simulator into one of the most destructive environments known to teenagers, high school. This is an obviously bright and breezy take on monster movie tropes that promises an engaging narrative. It also raises the prospect, in an inventive twist, of multiplayer competition.

Gone are the days of a solitary slog to find your perfect match, Monster Prom lets you pit your wits against your friends with 1-4 player modes available. Beautiful Glitch has released a trailer for what looks like a hellishly fun trip back to adolescence, and you can find out more on the game’s steam page.

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